Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tails, an Anonymous OS

Today im going to talk about this Operating System I found a month or so ago, I havent used it till recently, but its a great Live Disk to use when you truly want to be Anonymous

This OS is called “Tails”

This OS has TOR wired though it, its the most secure OS ive seen so far, they continue to update it (March 5th 2012 is the newest update as of this post) And make it better. It is possible that it has some bugs, but it should be nothing to serious, and ive personally had no problems with it.

Just download this, and burn it to a DVD-RW and boot it up! Its very nice, and even has an ability to look like Windows, so nothing you do looks suspicious :D (Go to System, Preferences, Appearance)

I hope you guys like this new find :)

~The Dyzaster

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