Friday, January 27, 2012

How to Make a Truly Anonymous Facebook Account

Making an Anonymous Facebook Account

Today I will help tell you how to make a fake Facebook account and how to keep it Anonymous
First off, you need to grab a VPN, because you want to hide this as much as possible. If you dont know how to use a VPN then check out here:
(URL Does not exist so far)
If that doesnt work for you ^ then try and Google or message me.
Now that we have a VPN up and running and we have FireFox configured to run the VPN we can get started on the account making.
First make a new Email address,,,, etc... I personally use Gmail or Live. When creating this account make sure you put fake information, but keep note of what you put so you can use it later for other accounts, or use it to recover your accounts. I used to keep a little note of all the accounts I had, and I would look back when needed (I kept it in a encrypted file I made using Truecrypt).
When you see a sucurity question that looks something like this:
Where was your mother born?
Do NOT put where your mom was really at, the chance of putting the truth and it coming back on you is small, but you still dont want ANY personal information down on this account. What I do is ill put something like:
As my answer, and ill put something else thats completely random as my other security question. I will take note of that also, and I use DIFFERENT answers for each account I make, that way if someone is to steal your account from you they wont have access to every account youve created.
Now that you have your Email created you need to go to and make an account there. You can either use the same information you used for your Email (When it comes to birthdays, names, and all that) Or you can make NEW false information just to be a pain in the ass for the people who do try and look you up. Do either one, it really doesnt matter.
The real reason as to why im giving this tutorial is for the Next steps, there are some options you should check off and some that you should hide from everyone from seeing, for security reasons.
1. DO NOT ADD ANY OF YOUR FRIENDS IN REAL LIFE. I see way to many people making this mistake, its a DEAD give-a-way. Do not add your real account, do not link/tag your real account, do not let people know that you even have a real account and dont let anyone on your real account know about your fake account. Anyone can DOX your information from the real account, do not let that happen.
2. Do NOT register your Facebook, im going to say this again DO NOT REGISTER YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! If they send a link to your Email you CAN and SHOULD click that, but when they ask for Phone number or Creditcard do not enter that information! Dont use a friends number either, if they really want they can track that to you.
3. Hide your birthday, at least hide the year, you can show day and month, knowing the year day and month of the accounts b-day can get your account stolen.
4. Hide your Email Address, this can also help someone steal your account from you
5. DO NOT let Facebook know your location, as a just incase you do forget to use your VPN one time when you get on your Facebook you dont want your location to be plastered on your wall. This goes hand-in-hand with this next one
6. ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS use a VPN to get on your account. This is very important, without this you have NO security. Most people believe that a fake name is enough to hide themselves, but they dont realize that Facebook has your IP addresses and every IP address youve ever used, that is why a VPN is needed at all times. Make sure you read the warning I put on the VPN tutorial on my blog.
7. It is best to only let friends or friends of friends see your account, that is completely up to you because its not really all that big of a deal, but its suggested.

I hope this QUICK introduction in making a Facebook account as Anonymously as you can has helped, I know I went fast, and I possibly missed a few things, but it should give you an idea. Hopefully I helped :)
If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave them.

WARNING: Do not come to me asking to get your Facebook account back because it was “Hacked” Facebook accounts do not get Hacked, they get stolen because of your lack to hide your personal information like Email address, B-day, and others on your account. With that information I can act like you and steal your account with the permission of Facebook. Follow what I said and you should be ok. If you do come to me I might DOX your real information or take your account back and keep it for myself. Do NOT come to me.

  ~The Dyzaster

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