Sunday, December 25, 2011


Do you know what SOPA and PROTECT IP is? Well you should! It effects everyone and everything that uses the Internet! This is something that will kick up a 3rd World War! I dont want to take up to much time explaining something that has already been explained multiple times, so im going to provide YOU with the resources needed! This will just take a few minutes of your time, please take a look at these links:
M favorite video:
Message from Anonymous:
Do you want to help? Well as of right now i see no OP SOPA BUT i can say that there is most likely going to be one. I say get ready! Start downloading VPN's and Proxies to get around the soon-to-be proxies! Ultrasurf, Open VPN, TOR (Install TOR Client AND Server to have the best security), JonDoFox for Windows users. UltraVPN, JonDoFox, TOR, for *nix users!
Also, download LOIC, i see a Ddos attacking coming soon!
Here is MY copy of LOIC:
To use this on Linux install Mono Develop. Then cd to "/LOIC/debug" then type "mono LOIC.exe" Remember that you MUST USE the LOIC.exe in the debug folder, the LOIC.exe in the main folder will not run on Linux!
To run on Windows just double click LOIC.exe in the main folder.
Need help? Email me!

  ~The Dyzaster

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