Friday, February 17, 2012

What is "Anonymous"?

Today ill explain the group know as “Anonymous” A bit more. In the past year or so things have changed and Anonymous has changed.Originally Anonymous was the voice of people which was heard but not seen. They fought for the rights and freedoms of those all across the world. They have done more for the people of this world then most governments have.

The reason they chose the name “Anonymous” Is because real “Anons” Follow the definition of “Anonymous” which can be found on Google (,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=19b59b6572733bc8&biw=1366&bih=610)

Anonymous does not “Exist” Just like “V” from the movie “V for Vendetta” Anonymous is an idea, the idea of freedom. Its a voice that speaks when most wont or cant. They ARE however full of real people who hide behind identities and masks. I know what most of you are thinking: “Why hide when you fighting for what you believe in?” Or “God their pussies, hiding behind a god damn mask, they got no balls, NOOO BAAAAALLS!"

1. The mask represents an idea and is what Anonymous is all about. Freeing the people from tyrant governments who abuse or mistreat their citizens.

2. They hide their identity because their going against people who will have them killed for it. Some things that they do are considered treason (Like Ddosing which happened recently... Many times recently) And if they reveal who they are they will do time or be punished for Treason.

Now this was Anonymous a while back, as of right now they do very idiotic things. They had beef with Sony for a legit reason a year or so ago, they broke into Sony's server and did a lot of god for the users of Sony! They showed how shitty Sony was treating you and how un-secure they left all of your information. Now they attack Sony for no reason, the point has been proved and Sony is better now, but they continue to attack out of boredom. They do this with many sites and corporations. Back in the day there were actual Hackers in Anonymous (Though Anonymous says its not a group, by definition it IS), who did good and worked their asses off, but then a bunch of people who know nothing about computers and who are unwilling to learn jumped in with dreams of becoming one of the UBER HAXORS they see in movies and on T.V.

This is why Anonymous has went to shit and many of the true Anons have left. I for one no longer affiliate myself with Anonymous and neither do many of the people I know. I still represent what they do but I make my OWN movement with more order and I still fight for the same rights as Anonymous.

Because of the actions Anonymous has made I do not recommend affiliating yourself with them, this is however up to you.

Thats explaining Anonymous a bit.. I wont let them have much more of my time. I hope you make your choices very carefully, maybe join a group that is like Anonymous but thats better. Though it might sound stupid to many, but a Democracy would help a group like this be more organized and make them heard more. Yes Democracy in America and some other countries have went bad, but they were corrupted by politicians, not by the everyday citizen. We could run it better then they could, were not power or money hungry. Thats just something to look into, or think about.

    •   ~The Dyzaster

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