Sunday, February 12, 2012

What is "Hacking"?

This time I want to talk about “Hacking” Im not going to break it down as much as possible but I am going to explain things so new “Hackers” Can understand what Hacking is and what it means.

Most people who are viewing this have most likely Ddosed before. I want to start pointing out that Ddosing is not Hacking, if you wrote the program yourself then you can still be considered a “Hacker” but you are not Hacking. Confused? Let me explain.

The term “Hacker” Was used back in the day to define or explain a lumberjack. After years of it being used for that, MIT (Yes, the college) Used it to describe someone who knows the “Ins and outs” Of a train engine. An expert. Those who knew more then most people about trains. Sometime down the road it started to mean the same thing, but only with a different system. With a “Computer System”. The term “Hacker” now defines someone who is able to manipulate a Computer System to do whatever he or she wants.

With that being said, “Hacking” is not necessarily braking into someones server, or cracking someones WiFi. It is much more then that. As long as you know enough about a computer to control it and make it do anything you want, you ARE a Hacker. Yes Hacking into someones shit does most the time make you a Hacker, because you are breaking the rules of that system and you made it do what you wanted it to do, but another type of Hackers are programmers. You know the guys that made “Open Office”? Though they might not have Hacked their computer to make the code, but the fact that they know enough of whatever programming language that was used to make a program like this means they know the program enough to write small codes or programs to do anything they want. So they are considered Hackers.

The reason Ddosing is NOT considered (And never will be) Hacking is because you do nothing but send empty packets to a site. Its like pressing refresh over and over and over and over and over (And it doesnt stop). Or its like pinging a site. You are doing no damage by yourself, but if you have zombies helping you then you can overload a site and take it down as long as the attack continues, if your real lucky it will last even after the attack is finished. This is usefull for groups like Anonymous and Antisec to make a statement but it is NOT Hacking. If you really want to Hack a site then you must learn SQLI Which is pretty simple if you have time to read.

Now that ive explained what “Hacking” is, I can describe the 3 different types of Hackers:

White Hat: These are the good guys. Their the one who might Hack something small like a website you or I own, or they might Hack the pentagon itself (Yes it has been done by a White Hat). However they do not do any damage. They find out whats wrong and either fix it themselves, let the owner of whatever it was they Hacked know whats wrong and offer to fix it for free, or some just take note of the vulnerability for fear that the owner will press charges if they find out. Some are also CEH's (Certified Ethical Hackers) And actually Pentest for a living. This is where they go into a business's building and Hacks them with permission. They test physical and electronic security and make corrections when needed.

Black Hat: These are the bag guys. They Hack for bad reasons, money, power, fun, jokes, or for no reason at all. They do real damage, defacing websites, deleting everything off a whole server, they are the ones that make the bad virus's and rouge programs.

Grey Hat: This is a mix of White Hat and Black Hat. Some do White and Black Hacks equally but most are White Hats who like to play a prank or have fun and deface something every once and a while. It all depends on the person, but they do both Black and White Hat Hacks.

Those are the 3 different types of Hackers. You can break down Hacking even more but I might do that in a later post. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to comment here or on Facebook


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