Sunday, February 26, 2012

Facebook dropped the "BanHammer"

Facebook dropped a serious BanHammer on many Anonymous, and Lulsec members a few days ago. Yes, i did say "Members" Deal with it!

Anyways, they deleted somewhere around 5,000 accounts, most Facebook pages and groups were lost as well, to include some of the "Anon" pages, but most of the "Anon" Pages were backed up with other accounts so their harder to get rid of :D

Ive been spending the last few days trying to get my account back, and setting up my new account. Once i get it completely set up, with a good URL and everything i will share it on here for everyone to add me, but as of right now search for "The Dyzaster" Or "Teh Dyzaster"

  ~The Dyzaster

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